Sunday, October 7, 2007

Where Kurt might live

I was wandering where Kurt might live since I genuine belive he is alive ...
I remember reading once an interview with Kurt - I dont remember which magasine posted that interview - where he said during an Ireland concert in Cork he had an vision or something like that. He also said that during that Cork visit he had the great time of all his live like he was home or something . He also mention in that interview that returned in th States he looked for his family past and found out that his elders migh be Irishs from COBURN family.
Well for me is a good starting point, and if anyone else read that interview please wtite here do discuss it.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The greenhouse photo

Remember the greenhouse photo ? The only photo released showing that Kurt Cobain is dead ... Well beside the fact that Kurt's face is not shown you can see a hand in the photo.
As zeitgesit said for a 3 days old dead body the hand is too thin ... The hand should be more thick because "when someone dies, the body starts to swell up, and it swells too much and it also starts to rot with green stains"
Well guys, this is one more fact that shows Kurt has staged his death and he is now safe and sound , enjoying his life

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Kurt Cobain was found dead with triple the lethal dose of morphine

Men ... I'm gonna give something else to think about ... Everywhere it says that Kurt had triple the lethal dose of drugs in his body ...
Now comes the big surprise ... How can anyone said something like that if on the "Kurt"'s body was no autopsy ? There is a know fact that there were no autopsy on Kurt Cobain ... So how can they say the body had 3 times the lethal dose ?
I'm not a heroin addict but I can see an overdose ... But how can you say for sure it was 3 times the lethal dose ?

Photos of Kurt

No one saw any pictures of Kurt's dead body ... The picture from the greenhouse is the one that the whole world saw and it just a blond dead body ... But you don't see clearly Kurt's face ...
There is another mystery here ... Why there were no autopsy of Kurt ? At the autopsy the doctor takes photos sometime and in this case the police should have some for the case ... You can say that there were no photos because it was murder but I say if someone saw the photos would understand that the dead body wasn't Kurt's.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

When did Kurt decided to stage his death

Well as I said yesterday in my post Kurt's personal life was a mess excepting Frances , which I think is the main reason why Kurt didn't commit suicide.
We have to remember that Kurt didn't have a childhood and I as a sensible soul he was and is I think he couldn't do the same thing to his child.
I personally think that Kurt decided to stage his death long time before the day he "committed suicide". I also think that he wasn't alone in this plan, and Courtney was beside him all the way. Not for free of course but she had to help Kurt realizing his plan. She only got in return fame and money , just enough for her.
One episode that I can remember is the Rome incident where Courtney was shouting loud that Kurt was suicidal and that was a suicide attempt ... False
Another lie by Courtney was that in his last days Kurt was suicidal and chaotic ... False ... If you look at "The last 48 hours of Kurt Cobain" there was a girl named Katia , who meet Kurt one day before his "death" and she describe Kurt as being happy. Another thing Katia said was that she remarked the joy and the light of Kurt's eyes ... So that was the state of Kurt one day before "suicide".
I would say this is the state for a man who is sure he soon will get a new and better life.
As for Courtney she only followed Kurt's plan , to create a diversion so that everybody would think Kurt committed suicide.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Why Kurt would stage his own death

Well I 'll talk only on facts and affirmations I got from internet ... So any of these phrases I will write now you can find on or simply on
As the producer of Sub Pop label said, in Kurt's life something was very very wrong. He said that based on his discussions with Kurt. Maybe it was his marriage , maybe it was the fact that he was sick by the superficiality of the music industry , that only seeks financial advantages . I don't know, and only Kurt could know that , but something was disturbing Kurt.
The guy from Exodus Rehab Center, the addiction center where Kurt was "forced" by Courtney to go on 31st March 1994 , said that it was clear only after a day that Kurt was a person tortured by much bigger conflicts than simply being a junky. Kurt was thorn between "I don't want to be a rock star anymore but I don't wanna lose it either".
I am confident that Kurt saw that his actual life as a rock star is a mess and wanted to change all of that. By staging his death obtained both things he said to that guy ... He got the peace he needed for himself but at the same time he got immortality as the maker of "The last 48 hours of Kurt Cobain" said "In death the myth making begun"

Sunday, May 6, 2007

The theories around Kurt's "death"

In the last 13 years since Kurt's so called death I saw may people saying he was suicidal and he surely killed himself . I also saw maybe even more people saying that he was murdered ... By Courtney the majority say ...
Well I ask you ... These are the only two options in this case ? It's really impossible that Kurt have staged his death ?
It seems that nobody thought from this angle before even though many evidences infirm both suicide and murder theories.
I really want to hear your opinions on this matter before I go ahead

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Kurt is alive

Yes boys and girls ... Kurt Cobain the lead singer of the North American rock band Nirvana is still alive ... Everybody think that he died in that day of 1994 , but I am positive that he isn't dead , at least the person , cause the addicted , the depressed Kurt may be long dead.
If anyone doesn't approve my affirmations write back to this blog and I will be glad to detail my opinions.