Saturday, April 12, 2008

Possible hints Kurt gave us before dissapearing

I belive Kurt might gave us some clues of his intentions ... I will post later in this blog ... but first I want to know your opinions on this subject


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Anonymous said...

I think it would be nice if Kurt did a duet with President Obama. Something like 'I've got you babe.'
They could have Krist playing the harmonica in the background.

I also cannot wait for a sequel to crybaby jerkins, and the 150th re-release of Bleach with remixes by Kajagoogoo and liner notes from some of the many Doctors who treated Kurt in the past. It could come with a free sponge to mop up the grunge after each listen, and thousands of pictures of Kurt doing bugger all. There could also be a bonus DVD with interviews from people who never met Kurt, Courtney or anyone Nirv related, but still judge like all the other buttholes; like all the others on sites like this. There could also be interviews with members of crap bands who got signed because of Nirvana, then suddenly realised they had no talent after 1 terrible album each.Is a DVD that long? Don't forget to harrass Kurt's family for interviews with no relevance to the music, and get Everett True on there again as well as the Pet Shop Boys and Hulk Hogan too. I look like Ian. Jethro Bodean.

Kurt O'Conner said...

I Might Argue Love's In Various Events (Outside of the country)

Curdt O'Cooper said...

Gee! I wish it were that easy. *laughs* You're not going to find anything and if you do you're not gonna believe it..I mean come on! You know? *laughs*. I mean like well..that's what's so great about hiding for 22 years. Using the illusion of age.
Money can't buy happiness can buy house that's used to get away from people and a wife. × ×
Wax Aneurysms R Us ~~~~~~

Anonymous said...

Gee! I wish it were that easy! I mean, like it would be cool, if he was alive, that would be very cool, you know? But he's not and people need to accept that. But who knows? I could be him. You don't know for sure.

max said...

FAME....Be careful what you wish for....most people cant handle the stress, the can be too much for the average individual....perhaps that is why some famous people abuse substances such as drugs and alcohol. I know I would not handle being photographed 24 7 and people following me and taking pictures of my family. FAME is not an easy thing. Maybe the ones that feel it has become too much do go away and disappear..... I could not handle not having any privacy...think about it...really...could you handle it?

Anonymous said...

Why would Kurt give us hints that he was planning on faking his death, if he was trying to get away from people? I mean, that would ruin the whole purpose of him isolating himself from society and everyone around him and just faking his death in general. I think he could be alive, yeah, anything's possible.

Dette said...

I seriously get like secret music demos, that don't save to one version till after time, that keep coming up to my you tube. Those are suppose to be attatched to Nirvana [the band]. ______I'll keep thought to myself.

Angel of Love said...

It's hard to accept the loss of someone we love and I know I love Kurt his music is amazing. His spirit is even more amazing. It never made sense to me his death to many unanswered questions. I say if he is alive he has his reasons for leaving the spot light he created for himself. I wish I knew him and could show him all the love he needed from one spirit to another.🤗🤗🤗

Anonymous said...

I respect your wishes kurt even if noone else does this was the only way you could live your life in peace I visit your old apt in olympia every summer going back this June first week of June all I hope is that you are happy wherever you are because you so deserve that and thankyou for all your beautiful music christie ❤

Laila Rashidioun said...

I think he may have had a sex change as he was living as a feminist in a males body ..he really did look up to ru Paul..just a theory ..and some of his lyrics sway me that way..especially from in Utero . Everyone Kurt affiliate with were a bunch of trustfunders who had family in high places including high friend Dylon dad worked for dept of defense..look inside in Utero album..hold the pic in the mirror. You will see it reads 9/11 with Republican Party building next to it..and that was from 1992/93..hmmmm can we say puppet..while he holds his all seeing eye. Understanding how the attack of your conscious and subconscious happens;) crazy matrix we live in!

Anonymous said...

Kurt Cobain is seriously alive dudes.

Something up the ass.

Underneath the fridge,
Courtney's sprung a leak,
And the animals I've raped,
Have all licked out my butt,
And I'm living off of ass,
And the clippings from a Hirschbirg,
It's okay to eat fish,
Cos they don't have any butt cheeks.

Something up the ass, Fart faaart.

Kurt Cobain+ Amsterdam google shows Mr Cobain in an orange tshirt very happy.
I wish you all the best Kurt, and your family too.

I think if Kurt does come back on stage, he could have a remote fart machine and do a fart after every song, then go 'Thank you' and act all hard done by and poor.

What I want to know is, what work did Tom Grant actually do, knowing Kurt was alive all this time?

From Jethro Ian Bodean

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