Saturday, February 27, 2010

I was so antisocial that I was almost insane

Yeah rigt ...


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Anonymous said...

The clues in the case do lead to that unavoidable 'wife did it' conspiracy theory IF you are content to stop there. I myself reached that conclusion at one point. IF, however, you continue to investigate, you'll realize that the wife has been wrongly accused. Why? Because he's not dead! I suspect Courtney is sacrificing herself for her daughter's sake. You just have to look deeper to find all the clues. OMG. If you don't get it from this hint, you don't deserve to. It's staring you right in the face.
The smile is red and its eyes are black

Anonymous said...

You people obviously haven't seen the photos that were recently released. Kurt is dead. Face it, accept it, move on. He may not have killed himself, but he is dead.

Anonymous said...

Krist for President!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Ok ...The Whole Point. And if Frances doesn' t be Kurt's daughter ? I' m so sorry to saying that, but that thing is running my mind by longtime. Please forgive me A.

Anonymous said...

OK. The whole point is... and if Frances was not Kurt's daughter? I'm so sorry to saying this, but it's running in my mind by a so long time. Please forgive me A.

Anonymous said...

lying in my bed I hear the clock tick and think of you
Caught up in circles-- confusion is nothing new
Flash back warm nights almost left behind
of memories time after..

Sometimes you picture me-- im walking too far ahead
You're calling to me, I can't hear what you said
Then you say go slow
I fall behind
The second hand unwinds

If you're lost you can look and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you i'll be waiting
Time after time

After my picture fades and darkness has turned to grey
Watching through windows you're wondering
If I'm OK
Secrets stolen from deep inside
The drum beats out of time

(because i can)

Anonymous said...

this all sounds as intriguing as Paul is dead. Why not? Trying to return to a normalcy and people who were once in your life and shed that band skin. Being hunted isn't a piece of cake. The love you're after isn't reciprocated and and flowers and fishing gear and a shiny motorcycle were safe tokens to give to shhh immortal (identity incision) shhh beloved shhh. small ants and insects and even birds use small twigs and pebbles as love memento trinkets to win over potential mates who question your soul in that, you know and you totally hate fishing gear and biker fucks anyway but you've got to get away from yourself. *#@NOT MANY PEOPLE@#* take rejection well but to be at the wrath of stampeding memories and oatmeal cookie crumbs and cigarettes?!


Latatica said...

Yay yo is fucked pizzard jgyan

Anonymous said...

you all do know that boddah was kurts imaginary friend?

DutchDrumz said...

First of all only a handful of people commenting here have a grasp on the English language and is very hard to read. Anyways, I am more of a fan of finding the truth of Kurts' murder than I am of his lame music. In my opinion,from an outside,non biased,not a fan point of view,Kurt was CLEARLY murdered. 1. He didn't appear to be suicidal to ANYONE except Cuntny.....oops I mean Courtney. 2. After injecting that much heroin (3 times a lethal dose for your average heavy heroin addict),how do you put away all your heroin peraphenalia,pick up a shotgun and shoot yourself? 3. A man named "Cali" was an in house nanny of sorts and was at the Cobain household days before Kurt was discovered in the greenhouse upstairs. He didn't notice Kurt came home from California AND didn't hear a shotgun blast? O yeah,this guy Cali was supposedly Courtney's former boyfriend and Kurt's best friend? 4. Weeks earlier Kurt's told Courtney he wanted to get divorced, and met with his lawyer to take Courtney out of his will. 5. Kurt had a pre-nup with his marriage to Courtney and wouldn't receive much in the event of a divorce except in a few circumstances.......including SUICIDE. 6. The "suicide note" was an obvious, at least partial forgery. A piece of paper was found later,in the possession of a good family friend, that proved Courtney was practicing Kurt's handwriting. 7. Courtney hired a private investigator to search for her husband in Seattle,instead of getting off her lazy ass in LA,while holed up in a hotel room doing drugs with friends. Sounds like she was waiting for confirmation of her husbands death rather than searching for her "alive" husband. I could go on and on about this PUBLIC information but I won't. I'm sorry to the fans of Nirvana but Kurt is dead and I think (and millions more people do too) that Courtney had him killed. I wasn't a fan of Nirvana but no artist deserves to die like that. Especially from a no talent,dirty,greedy,disease ridden whore like Courtney Love. Thank you for reading my opinion.

Marisa Com said...
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Anonymous said...

He is living in Perth Australia..

Anonymous said...

still looking for the damn clue so i can pacify myself only.. i came to the conclusion that unfortunately it's just a troll

Anonymous said...

aren't six years a long time?

Anonymous said...

Said a drunken Courtney Love.

DutchDrumz said...

This whole blog is so sad and pathetic. These fantasies of Kurt still being alive, people wishing he was alive, and I even saw a post that someone claimed to see him in Greece and promised not to reveal he was alive (and then posted here that he saw him in Greece). Kurt Cobain is dead, he is not coming back, he is not in Greece. And even if he was, it would make your life, unknown to Kurt, better? All the other musicians are alive yet most people here give all the credit to Kurt. Nirvanas music, in my opinion, was mediocre at best. Have any of the blog writers heard the Foo Fighters? Clearly they are 100x better than Nirvana could have even been. The biggest talent in Nirvana was obviously sitting behind the drumset. And every one here gives all the credit to Kurt. Nirvana put out, what, 3 albums? (I wasn't a Nirvana fan) Foo Fighters have, what, 6 or more albums? How sad does your life have to be to wish that a famous musician was alive to make your life somehow better. One of my favorite bands is TOOL......if one of their members died, as much of a bummer that would be, I wouldn't wish them back alive, just to make my daily life somehow better. And the whole "he faked his death" theory.......please, you overestimate his importance JUST A LITTLE. Just stop, you make yourself look so,desperate and pathetic to everyone EXCEPT other sympathetic, pathetic fans.

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Unknown said...

Kurt will never die he lives in us

DutchDrumz said...

All these people that think that the most talentless douchebag “musician” is still alive based on pathetic wishing and longing for the ol days. There still is NO PROOF he is anything but FUCKING DEAD!!!! Maybe he’s slamming heroin with Elvis like the junkie loser he was. Funny thing is, if he was still alive, NO ONE would be talking about the irrelevant kurt cobain or the flash in the pan Nirvana. The foo fighters are 100 times the band that nirvana ever was and few people idolize Dave Grohl, even though he’s got more talent in one song than nirvanas entire collection of “songs”. Kurt is dead, prove me wrong.....NEXT TOPIC

DutchDrumz said...

.....o yeah, this anonymous guy leaving “clues” for people to follow...........really? Come on dude, leave people alone with your lame reigndeer crap games. Sooooooo pathetic.

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